Department of Individual Sports

The department was founded in 1997, President László Katics. The scientific and research activities of the department focus on areas such as athletics, swimming, gymnastics, sports aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics and dance, how to instruct elementary and secondary schools, as well as how to perform exercise of hese elite sport. The scientific program will continue to expand motor skill development and assessment of related courses, including both theoretical and practical training, and laboratory work. The primary objective of the department of education students see the benefits of individual sports, acquire, nowledge used in education on the basis of competitive sport and leisure activities in the theory and practice.

Osztály Elmélet és gyakorlat az egyéni Sport
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Borsos Anita

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Hajduné László Zita Dr.

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szerda  13,30-14,30

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Katics László Dr.

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Meszler Balázs



Kedd 10,00 -11,00

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Sportcsarnok 11. MTMT
Németh Zsolt Dr.

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Prókai Judit tanársegéd 24718

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Ratalics Kata tanársegéd 24193 ratalicskata [k] freemail [p] hu

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Tóvári Ferenc Dr.

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Sportcsarnok 4. MTMT
Váczi Márk Dr. egyetemi adjunktus 24361, 24281

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