Department of Sportbiology

The Department of Sportbiology was founded in 2005 with the leadership of Dr. Ferenc Gallyas. The Department teaching basic, sports biology related subjects. The members of the Department holds courses in Basics of Biology, Anatomy, euroanatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Sport Physiology, Fitness Research, Nutrition Physiology, Motor Learning and Motor Control, Improvement of Motoric Skills, Adapted Physical Education, Adapted Swimming and Human Biology. Our members participate in both the education of Undergraduate – in the fields of Physical Education and Coach BSc, Sport Management BSc – and Graduate – Recreation MSc – student and also actively teaches medics, Biology BSc and Doctoral students. The Physiology laboratory related to the Department is used as an educational and research lab. Our current equipment is used during the education of Sport Physiology, Physiological Stress Testing and Fitness esearch courses. Above this the Department owns a complete spiroergonometric system (SCHILLER AT-60). The system is both attachable to a cycle ergometer and a treadmill. The data collection is supported by numerous fast analyzer instrument. The Department of Pathophysiology and Gerontology at the Medical School of University of Pécs also added the Physiological Stress Testing to its Courses to which the Department provides the necessary equipment. During the last few years the Department participated in numerous researches. The most important from these researches are the measurements examining the effectiveness of the preparation of international swimmers and the project measuring the fitness of high class handball and football players. Another projects - funded by the Ministry of Communes (ÖM) – goal was to measure the populations state of health and fitness. Meanwhile several Diploma and successful TDK (student’s scientific research reviewed by the Scientific Student’s Associations) papers were prepared.

Department of Sportbiology
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Atlasz Tamás Dr.

senior lecturer


Wednesday 14,00-16,00

A/123. MTMT
Józsa Rita Prof. Dr.

associate professor,

head of dep.

Tékus Éva

assistant lecturer


Tuesday 8,30-10,30

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Vass Lívia assistant lecturer 24189  

Monday 10,00-12,00

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