The Institute of Sport Sciences and Physical Education has a long and rich tradition in both teaching and research. The physical educator teacher programme was established  in 1946 at the Institutes predecessor the Pedagogical College of Pécs. The Institute and  its programmes is one of the most influential educational organisation in the field of sport  and physical education. The Institutions mission today is to provide Bachelor and Master  programmes in sport scientific related fields. The students can obtain Physical Educator-Trainer or Sport Manager Bachelor Degree and Recreation Expert at Masters Degree.  In our Physical Educator-Trainer BSc and Recreation Expert MSc both full and part time (correspondent) trainings are available. Above these programmes the Institution is also  active as Higher-level vocational training centre. We are offering NTR (National Training  Registry) programmes in the fields of coaching, pedagogy training and further training, and we also contribute in many doctoral programmes aiming for scientific renewal.

The foreign language courses offered under the ERASMUS program are very popular  among the exchange students. The Institution cooperates with numerous international  fellow Collages and Universities through framework contract. With the help of these partnerships the number of incoming students from other European countries is  reasonably high, and at the same time our student are also living with the possibilities  of abroad scholarship. The extensive domestic and international relationship allow a high  range of collaborations with several professional partners in order of developing joint education and research programs or the organized exchanges of guest lectures.